• Essentials of Ayurvedic Nutrition

    LIVE March and April 2022

    Zoom Webinar Series with Kimmana Nichols

  • Are you struggling with digestion issues? Are you worried about health as you age? Are you confused about why certain allergies happen?

    Chances are that you have been struggling with a health issue and this has made you feel frustrated orde flated or worried or confused. If this is you, then you may have thought there are no answers out there to help manage and heal your dis-health.


    Whether your facing digestive problems or something else, dis-health can become hugely debilitating. Affecting our:

    • Mood and emotions
    • Sense of self-worth
    • Social life
    • Physical health
    • And every aspect of our lives

    Most people think that dis-health is caused by a single factor that is happening right now. But the truth is far bigger than this, your challenges have been building for a long period and from many aspects of your life. To truly heal, we must address the root causes, we must look ‘up-stream’ and find the origins of poor health and treat them from several approaches.



    Good news, you are capable of healing yourself with Ayurveda and knowledge of nutrition.

    After completing these courses, you will gain a better understanding of what personality patterns and challenges are inhibiting your health. You will learn the principles of what food your body type needs to gain health and wellness and how to rotate your diet to balance microbiome health. The course handouts will give you practical easy to follow structure that can be used your entire life.


    Examples of dietary principles you will learn about:

    • Doshas
    • Gunas
    • Element theory
    • How food taste is a vital diagnostic and treatment tool
    • Fats, sugars, proteins, and basic bio-chemistry, and how it combines with ayurvedic traditional principles
  • Course Details

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    Webinar 1: 2 hours

    5 Elements, Trigunas and Sattvic Diets

    Sunday, 27 March 2022, 08:30am Australian EST

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    Webinar 2: 2 hours

    3 Doshas, Macro-nutrients and the 20 Qualities within Life and Food

    Sunday, 3 April 2022, 08:30am Australian EST​

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    Webinar 3: 2 hours

    The 6 Medicinal Tastes, and How to
    Improve Agni (Metabolism) and Remove Ama (Toxins)

    Sunday, 10 April 2022, 08:30am Australian EST​

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    Webinar 4: 2 hours

    Tridoshic Herbs and Foods, Formulating a Balanced Diet

    Sunday, 17 April 2022, 08:30am Australian EST​

  • Even if you have no idea what Ayurveda is, no problem!

    Each course is two hours of focused information with live Q&A, explaining the power of effective nourishment using Ayurvedic principles and strategies. Fantastic for new comers to Ayurveda, those wishing to expand their knowledge of foundational nutrition, or those wishing to guide others with nutritional knowledge

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