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    Detox retreats and wellness products by the Vitality Now Family

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    Ayurvedic Essential Oil Blends


    Enlivening to your senses and your spirit...

    Get my three premium Ayurvedic Essential Oil blends formulated to help over 70 imbalances...



    "I was suffering for more than 10 years with a very strong allergy on my hands,

    fingertips and inside my palms. Many Skin doctors, many creams- nothing really

    helped. Mixing 2 drops of Cooling Tranquillity Blend with 5 ml of Almond Oil... 

    my hands are now healed!."


    ~ Sheela Reinelt, Yoga Teacher






    "I slumped against the wall when I first used this - I was instantly so relaxed!

    I could barely finish coating myself in oil before dropping into a lovely meditation.

    I’ve used other 'Vata Balancing' Essential Oil Blends, but none have had such an

    immediate or strong effect like Vitality Now Grounded Enlightenment Blend."



    ~ Jennifer McIver, Ayurvedic Practitioner





    "The Vitality Now Detoxifying Invigoration Blend saved me from a dry cough

    and congested lungs that I'd been experiencing for weeks. One steam bath

    and my breathing was cleared out in seconds, I felt so relieved! After using

    the steam bath with the blend for 2 days, my cough was completely gone."


    ~ Gadis Azahra, Award Winner Changemaker





    Get more clarity and energy with this tailored & individualised detox retreat in lush Australian paradise.
    Send us an email to receive a free information pack for this year's detox.



    ​“I felt really great after Vitality Now Detox Retreat! My skin was really clear

    and glowy.”


    ~ Mandy Cousens, Australia



    ​“I love the gentle approach at Vitality Now Detox Retreat to turning my health

    around through a combination of Ayurvedic practices, Kimmana’s education

    and guidance, and a supportive group of like-minded people.”


    ~ Andrea Blundell, Australia


    ​“Kimmana has a wide and extensive knowledge on detox and wellness.

    Vitality Now Detox Retreat was individualised to my needs and the needs

    of others.”


    ~ Lynne Hogg, Yoga Teacher, Australia