A 7-DAY RETREAT Re-awaken your natural vitality.Regenerate the power to create the life you want! Join Kimmana Nichols and the Vitality Now Family in Noosa, AUSTRALIA Bookings open now:October 5th - 12th, 2022November 3rd - 10th, 2022




    Re-awaken your natural vitality.

    Regenerate the power to create the life you want!


    Join Kimmana Nichols and the Vitality Now Family


    in Noosa, AUSTRALIA


    Bookings open now:

    October 13th - 20th, 2024

    November 11th - 18th, 2024

  • This detox retreat is made for you, especially if health issues

    have been stopping you from living your best life.

    Imagine this...


    You have a goal that you want to achieve, a role that you need to play, or a responsibility that you need to fulfil. Yet, you don't have the energy or the mental capacity to handle that, sustainably.


    Even worse, you may have disease plaguing your body which prevents you from performing at all.


    For more than 10 years of clinical practice as a Naturopath and Ayurvedic Practitioner, I've constantly witnessed the struggle that my clients experience to move out of their health issues.


    In Ayurveda there are two paths to moving out of health issues and ending the struggle:

    1. Practices which can be done at home and gently encourage the balance of the body over time (Shamana).

    2. Practices which need to be done under supervision and quickly pull the disease-causing properties from the body (Shodhana).


    For stubborn imbalances, both processes are often needed, yet only Shodhana can pull the dosha (body defects) by their roots and provide quick recovery.





    Ayurvedic Detox... A detox process which has been proven for thousands of years and still used today. This page will explain the science on why it is so individualised, and why it is the most used and successful detox system in the world.




  •   Even though these programs can provide great benefit, I often see resistance. 

    These are the three core issues often holding people back:


    Nothing Works

    "I've tried many different types of detox, and spent loads of money for it. But nothing really gives me a long-term healing effect. Even some programs made me feel worse than before."



    "There's so much information out there about the BEST detox. But I don't know which one would suit me best. So I decided to take no risk, by not trying anything until something fully clicks with me."



    "Oh... Another fad healing method. Even though I have a health issue that I'd like to heal from, I don't buy anything that's not proven. I also don't think that old knowledge is still applicable for the modern life."



    What makes Ayurvedic Detox special?



    Ayurveda has the oldest recorded history of performing intensive detox procedures, giving them the experience of how to avoid side effects and provide maximum detoxification at the cellular level.


    The basic principle of 'do no harm' is often ignored by many detox programs. At many stages of my career, I often needed to handle the imbalances of clients which were caused by a non-Ayurvedic detox program. Some felt great during the detox, yet side effects lingered after. While others felt vitalised the first few times, then when repeating in the future did not get the similar results.


    Ayurveda explains these side effects and reduced results with the disease principle known as Vata.



  • The Ayurvedic understanding of the world and disease includes cyclical laws of the universe. These same cycles create the disease process from initiation to manifestation. The first of these is an initiatory cycle known as Vata. Vata is related to the beginning of all acts of creation, including the creation of disease.


    This understanding from Ayurvedic medicine enlightens us to the fact that when we experience more Vata type aspects of life, such as those that are present in a detox process, we can initiate strong disease-promoting processes in our bodily tissues.


    This Vata, then influences the controlling forces of the body through the nervous system and the long-term disease process may not play out for years to come, as the cycle of the disease comes to fruition.


    Examples of these Vata type disease influences are loss, separation, fear, pain, deficiency, cold, dry, change, or virtually anything that aggravates the nervous system.



    As detox is a process of loss and separation where we forcefully promote the body’s evacuation channels, it can also strongly aggravate Vata. In the long run, it can create diseases in the functional and controlling forces of the body.



    It is therefore essential that your chosen detox program takes measures to reduce and balance Vata first. Preparing the body for the removal processes which are going to increase Vata.



    What are the benefits of an Ayurvedic detox?


    1. The doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha, will return to their original balance and function normally. Mind calms down, intellect and concentration becomes sharp.
    2. Assists in Attaining a clear and glowing complexion.

    3. It helps to reverse the negative effects of daily living.

    4. It restores the natural state of health and wellness by bringing balance in the system and improving bodily function.

    5. Re-tune the brain's master control system, the pituitary and pineal glands, so hormonal control and enzymatic processes return to balance.

    6. Heals intestinal villi, so absorption and digestion dramatically improve.

    7. Restores proper eliminative function of bowels, urinary, respiratory and sweat systems. If these aren’t working great then you are likely to build the toxins up again quickly.

    8. Balances hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia so energy is more consistent over the day.

    9. Cleanses the liver, flushes bile and restores the body’s ability to maintain a balanced blood environment.

    10. Unblocks and restores flow to the lymph and its glands, bringing lustre to the skin and hair.​



  • It is important to note that many detox systems either don’t go far enough or go way too far in one area. Often they focus on the elimination of toxins far and above restoring the balanced functional principles of the body, which should always be our highest focus.


    After all, it’s usually an imbalance of these functional principles that created the toxin build up in the first place.



    How this retreat can help you to gain vitality NOW and after!


    There are many places that offer Ayurvedic Detox. So what makes Vitality Now Retreat different?



    1. Enhancing the Digestion

    My signature Vitality Now Detox program, has a special focus on enhancing the digestive and transformative force of the body, known in Ayurveda as Agni. This focus allows us to better digest all that life presents us with, physical or emotional, and turn these experiences into growth and evolution.


    2. Individualised Detox Retreat

    The unique thing about Vitality Now is that it is not just an individualised cleansing and detox retreat. It includes daily life and wellness education classes so you leave the detox with the wisdom to sustain the vitality and lifestyle we create together.


    3. Educational Classes

    Daily educational classes with me, so that you can have a deeper understanding on the detox process, hence increasing the detox effect. As well as an opportunity to learn Ayurvedic lifestyle, so that you're equipped with tools and knowledge to continue your daily Ayurvedic practices after the retreat.

    4. Community Vibe & Support

    Unlike most Indian Panchakarma programs, Vitality Now is limited to a small group which does the program together. Often Indian centres take larger groups, participants come and go during your program, and people are usually on different schedules to each other. These factors (which are qualities of Vata: new, separation, and dissimilarity) can contribute to increasing Vata, which is the opposite of what we're trying to do.


    5. Exclusive & Individualised

    The Vitality Now Retreat is designed so participants bond in unity and enhance each others process. Limited numbers (max 10-15 people) increases the personalisation with plenty of opportunities to pick my brain.


    6. 24/7 Doctor Support

    There'll be twice a day check in to adjust your program with me, and I'll stay on site during the whole retreat. This enables the best and most accurate program for the individuals.


    7. Idyllic Venue

    Will be explained further on the next page.







  • Think of this week-long retreat as a vitality re-booster. During Vitality Now, we'll help you to install new positive programs. These new programs will empower your health and relational success to spread through your life for the long run.

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    The environment that we live in, whether we like it or not, contributes highly to our health and mind-state.



    Which is why our chosen venue must have what it takes to support the detoxification process:

    1. Close to nature: as it helps to invoke more harmony (sattva) into our life.

    2. Peaceful and away from disturbing noise: to avoid further imbalances that are caused by excessive stimulation to the body. Ideally, your body's senses are minimally used and maximally rested.

    3. Organic food: Much of the food for Vitality Now Retreat comes from the local farmers and is free of chemicals.

    4. Forest fresh air: gentle walks through the negative-ion rich jungle enhance the detox process and energise the cells.

    5. Alkaline mineralised water: all medicinal teas and foods are cooked in alkaline water, filtered by the best water filtration system I could find.



    And Alaya Verde, my parents' property, ticked all of the above.


    Nestled among secluded native subtropic 42 acres forest, Alaya Verde is the idyllic place for an inward journey and letting go of the old.


    • Away from mundane distractions: to fully immerse in the retreat and detoxify from our living habits.









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    ​“Kimmana has a wide and extensive knowledge on detox and wellness. Vitality Now Detox Retreat was individualised to my needs and the needs of others.”

    Lynne Hogg, Yoga Teacher, Australia

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    ​“I love the gentle approach at Vitality Now Detox Retreat to turning my health around through a combination of Ayurvedic practices, Kimmana’s education and guidance, and a supportive group of like-minded people.”

    Andrea Blundell, Australia

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    ​“I felt really great after Vitality Now Detox Retreat! My skin was really clear and glowy.”

    Mandy Cousens, Australia

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    ​“The care, the attention to detail, the people, the education, the food and the divine spirit is everything that I valued from it. And it was FUN too!”

    Amanda Hogg, Singer, Australia


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    Kimmana is showing a live blood test.

    I've personally received so much benefits from Ayurvedic detox, and wished that more people can take advantage of its positive impact.


    It became my mission to create an Ayurvedic Detox Program which was more affordable and accessible for people in need.


    As such Vitality Now can be tailored to your budget and is one of the most affordable Ayurvedic Detox Programs outside India. From a thorough self-administered base program, to a luxurious and pampered experience, the choice is yours.


    While most Ayurvedic detoxes are an all-inclusive program, I created a base detox program that's gentle with an emphasis on restoring digestive power and vitality for life. There are extra options available to increase detoxification, deepen relaxation, and specified bodywork treatments once you have had your pre-detox consultation with me.

    You might be surprised at the cost of our Ayurvedic Detox compared to other detoxes. As someone who understands the intricacy of Ayurvedic Detox, I'd say that these four factors contribute to making the cost higher:

    1. Herbs: Potent substances are one of the key treatments in Ayurveda, herbs included. That's why herbal intake is part of your detox program. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to have a local organic supplier of the necessary Ayurvedic herbs. Besides food and fresh herbs which are produced on-site, many specific herbs need to be imported from India which increases cost of materials.
    2. On-site doctor: This is probably one of the most important factors that enables Ayurvedic Detox to operate at a deeper level. The daily check-in (in our case, twice a day check in) with the Ayurvedic practitioner is a way to make sure that you'll get the most out of the detox process.

    3. Accommodation: All participants need to be on site so that a doctor be nearby to fine tune the process and adjust if complications arise.

    4. Massages and more: Loads of it (ideally every day), and performed using a medicated oil. This medicated oil takes so long to make, and often also uses expensive herbs. Even in the country that it's made this medicated oil is considered expensive.





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    Kimmana Nichols





    Early Bird Price: AUD 1,375* (if the non-refundable deposit of AUD 250 paid before April 1st, 2024)

    Normal Price: AUD 1,575*

    * Camp site included in the cost. Optional luxury accommodation, glamping and afternoon massage/treatments are available at extra cost.


    1. Initial pre-detox consult with Kimmana to individualise your detox program.
    2. Twice a day check-ins with Kimmana, in the morning and in the evening. Here Kimmana will individualise your daily herbal intake.
    3. Meals: Optional three meals a day which are designed to enhance digestion and increase detoxification.
    4. Self-massage class and equipment: Refillable cold pressed massage oil to push the toxins to their elimination site.
    5. Vitality Now nasya oil: to clear the mind and detoxify the brain.
    6. All herbs that are under the base program. This may include: digestive herbs, all-day detox teas, massage oil, medicated ghee, purging herbs to clear the liver and gallbladder (Virechana).
    7. Daily yoga/movement classes.
    8. Daily educational classes with Kimmana, with topics as below:
    • Understanding Your Individual Constitution (dosha)
    • Understanding Biorhythms & The Best Times of The Year to Detoxify
    • Empowering Your Digestive Force
    • Mastery of The Mind for Achieving Your Full Potential
    • The Ten Pillars of Vitality, The Essential Foundation for Happiness and Health




  •  ADD-ONS


    • Nasya and facial massage

    • Head massage

    • Body Harmony
    • Chi Nei Tsang (taoist detox belly massage)

    • Lymphatic Drainage massage

    • Basti (individualised colonics)

    • Relaxing aromatherapy massage

    • Post detox treatment focused consultation

    • Shirodhara




    The basic accommodation for the Vitality Now Retreat is camping onsite. This allows natural connections with the environment and also removes you from electronic pollution, giving your body greater exposure to the earth’s resonant field.


    You're welcome to bring your own tent or camper van, no extra cost for that. But if you need us to supply a tent and bedding, there will be an extra payment AUD 210 per person for the week.

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    For individuals wishing not to camp, the available accommodation selection at ‘Alaya Verde’ consists of two luxury private pavilion en-suite rooms, each with a clean contemporary style, and private open patios overlooking the properties extensive grounds and forests.


    The ‘Gold Room‘ has a king bed and can accommodate an individual or a couple attending the retreat.

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    The ‘Blue Room‘ can be configured either as a king bed or as two king single beds and is appropriate for an individual, two friends (each occupying a king single bed) or a couple attending the retreat.

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    The room rates are as follows and are quoted on a ‘per person per night basis. These rates are discounted and only apply to guests attending the ‘Vitality Now Retreat‘.

    • As a couple or sharing with a friend $85

    • Single occupancy $140




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    My weight transformation.

    "I never knew what a healthy state really felt like until I did several of Kimmana's Vitality Now Detox Programs.


    I had acne, I felt tired after meals, and in the afternoons my weight increased. I had bad cravings for sweets, my taste buds weren't sensitive, I had cramps and pain during my menstrual cycle, and I could only have bowel movement after I ate laxatives or chilli.


    I thought my health state was fine since everyone around me was facing similar things, until I did my first Vitality Now and realised how many toxins that my body stored all of these years.


    I need to be honest that the process of Ayurvedic Detoxification wasn't pleasant for me. Toxins were eliminated through Ayurvedic colonics, and some were thrown up. Special herbal oil inserted into my nose to cleared out excess mucus from my sinus cavities, and surprisingly, I even cried a lot. I didn't realise how much mental and emotional baggage that I've been holding onto that needed to be released.

    The positive effects that it had on me is more than just what's seen physically. I reached my ideal weight, my skin cleared up and glowed, no more painful menstrual cycles, and better digestion and elimination (I now always go to the toilet every morning, at the same time). I feel much happier as I released toxic mental baggage, and most importantly, I have the energy to perform and do what I needed to do throughout the day sustainably.


    If money and time align to support you to reach a better health and happiness state; there is no other program that I'd recommend you to do regularly each year than this.


    Vitality Now Detox Retreat is a highly valuable investment for my well-being, where the effect can be seen and felt quickly right after the program and the long term."


    ~ Zia Nichols, Teacher and Entrepreneur



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    My skin transformation.

  • F.A.Q.



    Q: Why is the Vitality Now program only 7 days? Don't most Ayurvedic detoxes recommend a period of 21 days?

    A: Ayurveda often recommends a 21 day cleanse for a few reasons.

    1. There is a preparation period before the intensive detox procedures to remove Ama (half-digested bi-products) from the body. If Ama is not properly removed then there is a higher chance of complications during the detox. With the Vitality Now program, Kimmana has an online consult with each individual well before the program begins to determine the levels of Ama. If Ama is high then a specific diet and medicines are recommended to reduce the Ama before arriving. This saves time and money because removing Ama has fewer side effects and can be easily done at home by most individuals.

    2. The second stage of Ayurvedic detox involves flooding the fluid systems with oil. This needs to be supervised and is done in the presence of Kimmana during the first 2-5 days of the detox. The Charak Samhita, the bible of Ayurveda, states that this period should last at least 2 days and no more than 7 days, giving the Vitality Now program ample time for this process.

    3. The third stage of Ayurvedic detox involves purging the body of the doshas and this must be supervised. Ayurveda recommends 5 channels which can be used for pulling the doshas out; nose, gallbladder, colon, stomach (vomiting) and bloodletting. Of these five, the Vitality Now program uses three; the nose, gallbladder and colon. These three are the safest of the five and have the least side effects. If the stomach (vomiting) pathway is chosen then more time is needed for preparation and post-procedure, yet this is not needed for the majority of people because it is used to pull excess Kapha from the body. If you already know that Kapha is the dosha you need to remove, then maybe the Vitality Now program is not the most suited to you. Best to email Kimmana personally if you think Kapha is part of the problem for your condition.

    4. The fourth stage of Ayurvedic detox is known as Rasayana, and is not about detoxifying but building the body up again. This stage has very low side effects and rarely needs to be supervised. At the end of the program, Kimmana will recommend Rasayana options for everyone. These can be purchased and undertaken as you see fit. It is strongly advised that you DO NOT fly home straight after the 7 days together and instead spend some time relaxing, rejuvenating and receiving a tonifying massage. The time needed for this varies from person to person and can be booked at the same resort or a nearby location. As it no longer requires the full-time assistance of Kimmana, your options are more open. This flexibility is most beneficial for younger people, or those on a budget, yet everyone can receive benefits from having a more free and open Rasayana period.


    Q: Can I stay at a different place during the program that can suit my preference?

    A: Unfortunately, we're unable to have offsite participants during the program, because:

    1. We start the day really early in the morning, close to the sunrise. And end the day right before going to bed (for an evening herbs). If you stay within the venue, it will be easier for you to move between your room and when you need to join the program (or private session), without the need to travel or plan the day. When people go through detoxification process, it's not uncommon for them to lose a sense of time and find it difficult to organise their day.

    2. Excess movement or travel during the program will increase Vata. Hence, disturb the detoxification process. Even worse, it might create a serious side effect. Therefore, we're not recommending people to stay offsite during the program.




    This event will only be held once a year. So make sure you don't miss out, especially because we also limit the numbers to ensure intimacy and high quality.


    EARLY registration is highly advised, as our previous Vitality Now Detox Retreats are always sold out.


    To inquire and register, please drop your message below.


    Wishing you health & prosperity,

    Kimmana and Vitality Now Team